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Contemporary Is Not An Option

Planned communities like Celebration, Florida have proved well-planned towns designed to higher densities - enabling walk-able neighborhoods and public spaces - are very well received and successful. As Witold Rybczynski notes on Slate, 10 years after Disney’s town was completed, the planning works well; and the residential architecture is not bad, just a bit bland.
Disney's Controversial Town, a Decade On
By Witold Rybczynski
“To avoid cookie-cutter uniformity, Disney gave builders the choice of several architectural styles such as Colonial Revival, Victorian, and Craftsman. "Modern," given the preferences of American home buyers, was not an option. Yet an impression of sameness persists, for the houses share the same contemporary building materials and details. All too often they also share a bland, middle-of-the-road civility. This is understandable, since builders can't afford to antagonize buyers, but too much politeness can be a bore. The happy exceptions are the bumptious "Mediterranean" houses that occur here and there. They exhibit a good-natured Floridian vulgarity that is refreshing among all the good taste.”

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  1. Reply housing_project
    October 8, 2012 at 8:38 am

    I think it depends on the owner of the house. You can always make your interiors look modern. Victorian-looking furniture is quite expensive except if you have a local shop that makes it for you at a fair price. I have ordered all my custom furniture through & it makes my remodeling project a little easier for me…I live in south Florida so sometimes designing to fit the enviroment could be quite a challenge. Contenporary is always an option. There are a bunch of designers out there who design blending old-new styles & local workshops like Dayoris can make your budget last. You only bring them some pictures and they make it for you.

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