Our Commitment to the Environment


Energy efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of our design philosophy. These principles are evaluated throughout the design and specification process, and our modern fabrication system reduces waste by up to 50% compared to traditional building methods. All Stillwater prefab homes are highly insulated and tightly sealed, to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts.

Our LEED-certified architects are dedicated to home design, fabrication techniques, and use of construction materials that are sustainable, environmentally sound, and energy smart—now and for years to come.

Just a quick note to say something about the energy efficiency of our home. After the sun was up the outside temperature eventually increased to a high of 45°F during the day. Our furnace briefly came on twice during the morning and did not come on the rest of the day! Although the outside temperature never rose above 45°, the inside temperature climbed to 75° by noon! And with nothing but the sun’s rays warming the interior! Apparently, whoever designed this thing really knew what they were doing! -Stillwater Homeowner, Cedaredge, Colorado

Here are a few of the ways our commitment to the environment is illustrated within our homes:

  • Exterior walls are rated at R28 and roofs at R50
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint used throughout
  • Photovoltaic and car charger ready
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertops are made from recycled glass and porcelain

Want to know more? Ask for our Sustainability fact sheet.