What’s Included

What’s Included with a Stillwater Home?

Stillwater offers your choice of two prefab building systems. The modular option provides a complete, traditional modular home prefabricated and finished in a climate-controlled factory and shipped to your building site in “modules” ready for quick assembly. Almost all elements are included, from floor structure to roofing, lighting fixtures to plumbing fixtures, and wood flooring to countertops and setting the home on your prepared foundation.
With the panelized prefab system all major framing components are precision fabricated and assembled in a factory and shipped to the building site. A local contractor does finishing work on site. The price of both systems includes all architecture, structural engineering, and state building permit.

The modular choice provides a nearly completed home shipped to your accessible site. The panelized system offers more flexibility in shipping, design modifications, and finishing options, plus, generally, lower total cost.

For more details please request our What’s Included fact sheet.