Stillwater Dwellings Partners with Haiku Home

Stillwater Dwellings is proud to announce a partnership with Haiku® Home, a division of Big Ass Solutions®, to offer its clients custom fan and lighting solutions.

Stillwater Dwellings has a record of using well-designed technology to its clients’ advantage in their contemporary homes, and Haiku Home fans and lighting products are a welcome addition to these efforts. Haiku products work together to improve comfort and save energy year-round, offering many of the benefits of more expensive home automation systems at a fraction of the cost.

“The fresh combination of natural woods and modern metals are rendered with a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic language that make the Haiku series of products a natural fit for all Stillwater homes.” – Matthew Stannard, Founder, Stillwater Dwellings.

To kick off this partnership, we are offering a 15% discount off your entire Haiku Home order! Simply enter the code SWD&HH16 at by June 17th to take advantage of this offer.

Big Ass Solutions®, a privately-held company, is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. A leading manufacturer of high-volume industrial fans since 1999, the company launched Haiku® Home, its dedicated residential division, in January 2016.




Why are We Attracted to Art and Beauty?

Is appreciation for art and its architectural component learned, inherited or a little of both?  Why do some people love specific forms of art while others don’t get it?  I have always believed appreciation of beauty was, at least partially, innate.  As an architect, working with hundreds of clients through the years, something about the look of a home and its setting on a site just feels “right”.  Was this because of the client’s highly evolved taste or something much more basic?
Denis Dutton, in his fascinating book, The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure and Human Evolution argues that aesthetic taste, is an evolutionary trait, shaped by natural selection.  In many circles this seemingly logical conclusion was rather radical.  In the introduction to the book Dutton states “Charles Darwin laid the foundation for the proper study of art as not only a cultural phenomenon, but a natural one as well.”  The book provides fascinating arguments to prove the point.  It’s well worth reading.
Mr. Dutton grew up in Los Angeles, received a PhD from the University of California and spent his academic career as an art philosopher in the U. S. and New Zealand.  He gave a terrific Ted Talk on the Darwinian theory of beauty a few years ago.