Energy Efficiency & Sustainability in Prefab Homes

Prefab Home in Portland, OR

One of the primary advantages of purchasing a prefabricated home is that they are more eco-friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable than the majority of traditionally constructed homes. There are many reasons why prefab houses are better for both the environment and your energy bills. Here at Stillwater Dwellings, our commitment to helping the environment has a huge impact on the way we build our homes. Here are some of the ways that prefab homes are built to be better for the planet.


First of all, prefab homes are much better insulated than homes built with traditional on-site construction. Building some or all of a home within a factory means that insulation can be installed more easily and more efficiently. Better insulation goes a long way in improving energy usage. Joints are tighter and air infiltration and escape are both minimized. You’ll see the great insulation of a prefab home reflected in much lower energy bills.

Less Waste 

Prefabricated homes also generate less waste during construction, which is helpful for the environment. For homes built using traditional construction, having leftover materials is inevitable. In fact, from a contractor’s point of view this makes sense, because having to re-order a material holds up construction. However, this extra waste is bad for the environment.

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