Stillwater Newsletter – December-January | 2012-2013

Stillwater Newsletter - winter home

Happy New Year

All of us at Stillwater Dwellings wish you the very best in the new year. We’re bullish on 2013, and believe it will be one of the best years to build in nearly a decade There are many reasons for our optimism.
  • The election is finally over and the economy is continuing to show slow but steady growth. (We don’t think congress will let us fall off the fiscal cliff—at least not for long)
  • The housing market is recovering, with prices up in nearly all of our marketing areas.
  • Land prices are relatively low when compared with pre-recession levels.
  • Mortgage interest rates are at or near historic lows.
  • Inflation is virtually non-existent.
If you’re like most Stillwater clients, you’ve been thinking about building a custom home for years. You want a home tailored to your interests, esthetics, values and geography. You’re tired of the many compromises you’ve made with your existing home. It’s time for a home that fits—perfectly.
We believe that designing and building a new prefab home should be exciting and rewarding, not stressful and open ended. For most people building a custom home is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Stillwater’s highly experienced consultants personally guide you through every step of the process—from feasibility study to final assembly on your lot.
All journeys start with a single step, and now’s an ideal time. We urge you to contact us and start the conversation.



Stillwater Dwellings Signature Butterfly Roof

The Stillwater’s Signature “Butterfly Roof”

There is no feature more distinctive than Stillwater Dwelling’s soaring butterfly roof design. The modern soaring roof line is more than an attractive design element, it allows for ceilings heights up to 12′, adding volume—and the ability to add dramatic window-walls blending inside and outside living areas.
In addition, Stillwater’s unique modular building method allows rooms as large as 20′ x 40′ free of any interior support posts ideal for the great room concept.


Stillwater Shopping Tips for a Building Site

Tips on Shopping for a Building Site

Shopping for a building site is a bit different than shopping for an home. Like home shopping there are lots of variables to consider, but some very different.
We found several sites that provide useful tips. Please let us know if you have found others and we’ll add them to the list. – Home Buying and Selling
Mother Earth News – Country Lore: Shopping for Land
Landthink – Finding and Buying the Right Property