Why should I think about a Stillwater home?

Stillwater was founded with a simple mission: to make contemporary design, premium materials and sustainable building practices available to more discerning home buyers.

Stillwater homes are designed with dramatic natural lighting, intelligent floor plans and premium contemporary finishes, for exceptional quality and value. Flexible, systems-based prefab construction supports a high level of design and craftsmanship, controls costs and eliminates surprises. Building a new home should be exciting and rewarding, not stressful and open ended. Stillwater streamlines the design and building process, shortening project time, reducing waste—and saving money.

Is it possible to tour a Stillwater home?

We conduct private tours of Stillwater homes by appointment. Since the homes we show are occupied by their owners we need to schedule in advance. If you’re serious about visiting a Stillwater home please contact us and we’ll arrange a tour.

Will Stillwater revise a plan or do a custom plan for me?

Absolutely. Our team of experienced architects is dedicated to crafting solutions for your unique needs. Many Stillwater clients start with one of our detailed plans and modify it to fit their needs. Others envision an entirely new Stillwater—either way we can help. Please note that while we can tailor any of our floorplans or design a completely custom home for you, we are unable to work from plans developed by another architect. For information on custom design services please contact a Stillwater representative.

What do Stillwater Homes Cost?

Using a systems-built building method, Stillwater Dwellings pre-fab homes on average cost 20-40% less than custom, architect designed, site built homes. The average total project price for a Stillwater home (including architect’s fees, structural engineering fees, foundation design, permit coordination, Stillwater components, builder costs, and interior finishes) ranges from $350-$450/sq. foot. This is a national average. Your site conditions (location, topography, soil conditions, etc.) and choice of finishes will impact the total project cost.

Each project goes through our streamlined three phase process. This process provides cost predictability early in the project–something unusual in the home building industry today. Please contact us to learn more!etailed pricing information.

How long does it take to build a Stillwater home?

The time from order placement depends on a number of variables, though it can be up to a year faster than a traditional site built home. Once a building permit is issued, your new home will typically be move-in ready in six to eight months.

How complete is the home when it’s delivered?

Stillwater modular homes are about 95% complete when delivered. It’s largely a matter of attaching the home to the foundation, connecting utilities and completing our comprehensive set-up process.

What is Panelization?

A panelized building system incorporates construction techniques that use advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build energy-efficient homes in less time. –National Association of Home Builders.

The Stillwater prefab panelized system includes precision pre-assembled wall sections, pre-cut, framing components and proprietary architectural hardware fabricated in our facilities and are shipped to the site for final assembly.

Can I choose my own appliances/finishes?

Absolutely! While our architects utilize their keen design sensibilities to create a Standard Outline Recommendation for every project, clients are welcome to choose their own finishes, materials, and appliances.

Where do you build?

We can build nearly anywhere in North America, including areas with snow load requirements of up to 150 lbs. Please visit our Project Map to see where we have and are currently building Stillwater homes.

Do you build tiny homes?

While we appreciate the efficiency and aesthetics of tiny homes, we do not design or build them. Our floorplans start at 750 square feet.