Fast Track Designs

Fast Track Designs (no changes)

In order to facilitate the design, engineering, and permitting of a new home, Stillwater has recently chosen six of our most popular floor plans and pre-engineered them to expedite the process for those looking to rebuild quickly. By choosing one of these plans, our clients can expect to shave approximately six months off the traditional lengthy homebuilding process–four months of design time, and two months of engineering.

These projects already include complete structural engineering and construction sets. Once the foundation design is adjusted for individual site requirements, we can submit for a building permit. For site adaptation, the plans can be mirrored without any delays.

Plan #1 – Modified sd155

  • 1850 sq. ft. of heated space
  • 430 sq.ft. of garage space
  • 3 Bed/2 Bath

Plan #2 – Modified sd143

  • 1950 sq. ft. of heated space
  • 315 sq. ft. of garage space
  • 3 Bed/2.5 Bath

Plan #3 – Modified sd121

  • 1000 sq. ft. of heated space
  • 2 Bedroom/1 Bath
  • Most popular “small” plan

Plan #4 – Modified sd161

  • 2800 sq. ft. of heated space
  • 680 sf of garage space
  • 3 Bedroom/1 Office/3 Bath

Plan #5 – Modified sd191

  • 2850 sq. ft. of heated space
  • 4 Bedroom/3 bath
  • Large exterior courtyard

Plan #6 – Modified sd171

  • 2500 sq.ft heated space
  • 4 bedroom/3.5 Bath
  • Large exterior courtyard

Standard Designs

In addition to our special Fast Track Designs, all of of our standard designs are available. You can download an electronic copy of our Planning Guide and review many of our floor plans. Our expert project managers will help guide you through the plan selection process as well as different finishes for each house. Any of these plans can be modified to meet your building site requirements and your wishlist.

Please contact us to discuss your project.