Five Important Considerations when Customizing a Floor Plan

One the of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when designing your prefab home will be deciding the perfect layout of your floor plan. There are more than twenty floor plans in the Stillwater Dwellings library to start from, but making sure the one you choose is right for you takes some thought and planning.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing and customizing a floor plan to fit your family. Read on to learn more!


1. Consider your family size

An important thing to consider   when choosing your a plan is your family size. If your family is growing, be sure to include enough floor space to accommodate future family members. A den or office with an attached bath can be converted into a bedroom later.


2.  Working from home

If you often work from home, or may in the future,    remember to include space for a home office in your new layout.  The location of this room should be away from busy rooms where there might be a lot of activity such as the family room or kitchen.


3.  Entertaining

Do you love to entertain?  If so, a kitchen/great room combination can allow space to    comfortably accommodate a large group.  . If you don’t entertain much, a more intimate space might be right for you.


4. Open space or privacy

If you’d like having the family together in one room consider a floor plan with a great-room concept.  If you cherish privacy more, a smaller family room but separate media/game room, and formal den/office may provide more solitude when you need it.

Another thing to consider is the location of the master bedroom and how it relates to the kids rooms. Children’s rooms might be best close when they’re young and further away when older.  An important consideration to make early on.


5. The size of your lot

The size and shape of your lot has a big influence on your home’s design. If you have a large lot, a sprawling single floor might work well,    but if you want a large house on a small lot then you’ll need  multiple floors. Be sure to pay attention to any zoning restrictions or CC&R’s that may effect the size and height of home you can build.