How Large a Home do You Really Need?

Everyone contemplating a custom home asks “How big a house do I need?” There are multiple considerations that go into answering this question, besides the most obvious — the budget.

Important elements to consider:

  • The physical limitations of the building site
  • Family members living in the home (small children, teenagers, extended family, etc.)
  • Long term use of the home (family events, aging in place & accessibility)
  • Alternative uses for the space
  • The cost of energy in your area
  • Your personal philosophy

At Stillwater we believe your home should compliment your lifestyle–now and in the future. Too large a space wastes materials, resources and money. Too small and reduced scale increases costs.
According to architect Matthew Stannard, Stillwater’s CEO:

All of our 20+ plans are designed to maximize livability and efficiency without adding expensive extra square footage. Many homes feature 12 foot high ceilings and floor to ceiling glass. Innovative and efficient design can make even smaller spaces feel spacious.

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