How to handle site restrictions

This Stillwater home was modified to meet local setback requirements

Does your potential building site seem too good to be true? Take these factors into consideration:

  • Topography: while our homes can built on sloped properties, depending on the degree of the slope, there can be significant site prep, foundation, and retaining wall costs.
  • Soil condition: the type of soil your home is built on can significantly affect the cost of laying a proper foundation
  • Setback requirements: how far from the front, side and rear lots the home can be built.
  • Lot coverage restrictions: how much of the site area can be covered with the structure and with impervious (e.g. asphalt drive, tennis courts) surfaces.
  • House size limitations: some local zoning restrictions limit the size of houses or the height of houses.
  • Utility restrictions: if your site will require a septic system or a well, several regulations may apply.
  • Wetlands designations: some sites contain wetlands or are near enough to wetlands to affect the site.
  • Coastal Regulations: building near the ocean can involve special permits.

We provide initial site feasibility feedback free of charge to help you navigate these types of site considerations.

More about regulations.

Every Stillwater home comes with personalized support to help you navigate the unique requirements for your building site. Our professional architects and project managers have years of experience working with site conditions, municipalities, building departments. Contact us to learn more about the unique services we provide.

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Client Corner

“Stillwater was extremely flexible in accommodating our modifications. Having studied architecture, we were probably one of the most difficult clients Stillwater could have had; nonetheless, they were extremely collaborative and we feel we created an amazing house that met all our needs and budget. ” -Stillwater Homeowner