News Releases – Company Overview

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Founded in 2008, Stillwater Dwellings is a Seattle-based company that designs and builds high-quality, prefabricated, contemporary homes featuring quality materials, fine detailing, and eco-friendly features. Our process is the predictable and smart alternative to site-built homes. The major benefits to our clients are: Predictable, upfront pricing combined with managable customization choices. A custom architecture & site-built quality design at a more affordable cost. A condensed, simplified schedule. A more sustainable & eco-friendly building practice. All homes have our signature soaring butterfly roofline, unique interior light shelf and exterior “visors”, plate steel entry canopies, and efficient layouts that emphasize indoor/outdoor living and entertaining.
We build in an indoor, controlled environment in Oregon, in just a matter of weeks to obtain the highest level of quality, while drastically reducing waste and keeping costs lower and more predictable than a typical site-built home. Our portfolio includes finished homes in Bend and Portland, Oregon, Santa Barbara, CA as well as buildings in production and planning stages in Roslyn, WA; Vashon Island, WA; Sonoma, CA; and Southern Utah. Stillwater Dwellings homes are available throughout the western region of the US, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.
The professional team at Stillwater Dwellings brings together under one company, two of the most important facets of a new home design: the architect and the builder. The principals at Stillwater Dwellings are: Matthew Stannard, AIA A native of New Zealand, Matthew has lived in Seattle for 22 years. Matthew worked in firms in Wellington and London, including Terry Farrell and Partners, before joining Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects in Seattle. Prior to leaving to form Stannard Conway Architects in 2004, he had been made an associate and had the opportunity to work on a wide range of institutional and residential projects. Matthew has a family of two young daughters and wife. Matthew oversees all design & finish selections for Stillwater Dwellings.
Brad Conway, AIA After working in firms in San Francisco and New York on projects ranging from a historic landmarked townhouse on the upper East side of New York to a sushi bar in Santiago, Chile, Brad came to Seattle in 1999. Brad worked for five years at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects on custom residential projects. He also brings a background in engineering and cast bronze sculpture making. Brad oversees all floorplan design for Stillwater Dwellings.
Bart Mitchell Raised in Central Oregon, Bart grew up skiing, mountain biking, and fly fishing. Bart spent nearly 8 years as a builder/developer in Seattle. He worked in every role from Project manager to Estimator/Purchaser. Bart brings extraordinary project organization, construction knowledge and a sound value engineering sensibility to Stillwater Dwellings. Bart oversees all business, marketing and logistics activities at Stillwater Dwellings.