Portland, OR

Plan sd133

This Stillwater home was installed over a remodeled daylight basement/office/workspace. The home has 2300 square feet and dramatic spaces. Its 42′ wide by 17′ deep, with a 12’6″ tall ceiling and no interior supporting walls. This grand space showcases an extensive art collection and is lit by museum quality lighting, and features custom glass and porcelain tile in the baths. The 13ft. high glass windows help highlight views of orchards and Northwest peaks.

“We were immediately struck by the Stillwater Dwellings designs, but it was the upfront pricing that made it real for us. Once we visited one of their client’s homes we were sold…we had to have one! Savings on the cost of the home were over 50%, based on what we paid Stillwater Dwellings and the estimates we received from site-built contractors, for a home of the same size and quality.” -Homeowner

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