“Every single person who walks in the front door uses the ‘love’ word when they see our home. When we mention Stillwater Dwellings they are aware of your designs and are envious that we are lucky enough to be a recipient. We feel amazing energy in every detail and part of this home. And thanks to the Stillwater folks helping us design it with the very trees that used to live in its’ place and every window celebrating the surrounding environment. Delicious!”
– San Juan Island, Washington

Just a quick note to say something about the energy efficiency of our home. After the sun was up the outside temperature eventually increased to a high of 45°F during the day. Our furnace briefly came on twice during the morning and did not come on the rest of the day! Although the outside temperature never rose above 45°, the inside temperature climbed to 75° by noon! And with nothing but the sun’s rays warming the interior! Apparently, whoever designed this thing really knew what they were doing!
– Cedaredge, Colorado

“We were immediately struck by the Stillwater Dwellings designs, but it was the upfront pricing that made it real for us. Once we visited one of their client’s homes we were sold…we had to have one! Savings on the cost of the home were over 50%, based on what we paid Stillwater Dwellings and the estimates we received from site-built contractors, for a home of the same size and quality.”
– Portland, Oregon

“We were intrigued by the speed of the process and the emphasis on green building. The design process was much faster than we anticipated. We talked with the architect/designer just twice.”
– Bend, Oregon

“I just spent a week with my family up in Napa, somehow we found room for nine people between the house and the barn. The compliments never stopped coming over the house, the design, and the ergonomics and how welcoming the house looked when eating outside and looking back at the glow through the glass view wall. So, before the next time we chat, I just wanted to say thank you for envisioning, creating then delivering to the finish line such a beauti- ful home. Let me know how I can help you as a Stillwater evangelist.”
– Napa, California

“We both love the general feeling of airiness and lightness that the house has even on dark Northwest days. We also really appreciate the consideration that was given to making it well ventilated. We’ve had the hottest summer on record and we chose not to put in air conditioning. The house stays remarkably cool. We were doing the whole project from another state and needed to simplify as much as possible. We’re over-thinkers by nature and needed some constraints to keep us on track, especially ones that we knew would help the finished home turn out beautifully.”
– Boring, Oregon

“The experience was seamless as well as stressless, and I would recommend this process to anyone.”
– Santa Ynez, California