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Stillwater Dwellings™ has been featured in many prominent publications. Click on covers to read the articles.

Aug 2019 |  Our Top 5 Sustainable Prefabs in 2019
Prefab Review
May 2019 |  Podcast Interview with Co-CEO, Kaveh Khatibloo
Boulder County Home + Garden
April 2019  |  “Fabulous, Fantastic Prefab Homes”
Dwell Magazine
March 2019  |  “Stillwater Dwellings’ Modern Prefab Homes Match Style With Sustainability”
Home Builder Digest
May 2018  |  “The Best Prefab/Modular Home Builders in the United States”
Dwell Magazine
March 2018  |  “These 8 Prefabs in Seattle Make Us Want to Move to the Emerald City”
New York Times
March 2018  |  “Prefab Finds a Home in Fire-Ravaged Neighborhoods of California”
Kenwood Press
March 2018  |  “Some burned-out homeowners turning to pre-fab houses”
Dwell Magazine
December 2016  |  “Remote Control”


modern-builder-designModern Builder + Design
July 2016  |  “Changing the Game In Homes”
Dwell Magazine
June 2015  |  “A Homeowner Uses Smart Technology to Manage His Napa Property from Anywhere”
Urbis Magazine
12-15-14  |  “Seattle: Matthew Stannard”
Building Magazine online
10-25-12  |  “A Seattle-based modular builder says it has cracked the code to offering high-end custom homes at nearly half the price of site-built.”
Residential Architect
2-22-12  |  “Modern prefab often works best as a tool for delivering architecture-that its value lies in bundling good design into preconceived elements.”
The Oregonian
12-10-11  |  “A Sauvie Island home full of stylish personality looks anything but modular.”
Apartment Therapy
5-16-11  |  “Stillwater Dwellings has just about any home configuration you can imagine. All homes are built through state-of-the-art processes that result in less waste, and more efficient construction.”
5-13-11  |   “Ready for your Friday prefab fix? This one was recently completed in Santa Barbara by Stillwater Dwellings. The 3 bedroom, 2 bath home features a soaring butterfly roof that may soon be recognized as a Stillwater Dwellings signature feature.”
Yanko Design
2-3-11  |   Made to Order: “Stillwater Dwellings really wants your neighbors to like you. That’s why they’ve mastered the process of customization, manufacturing, and construction of a home in as little as 3 months.”

Santa Barbara Independent
12-17-10  |  “Early Wednesday morning, neighbors of Santa Barbara business owner Art Gaspar watched as construction crews craned into place an up-and-coming trend that’s helped reshape the way people think about purchasing homes.”
Emerging Factor Magazine
10-28-10  |   “Stillwater Dwellings produces contemporary prefab housing known for signature design elements such as soaring rooflines, intelligent layouts, and a dynamic spatial experience emphasizing indoor/outdoor living.”

Jetson Green

Jetson Green
3-25-09  |  “If you didn’t already know, or couldn’t already tell, we’re seriously interested in the prefab world. Showing off new companies and innovative homes is what we do, so it’s our pleasure to talk about a relatively new company on the scene: Stillwater Dwellings.”