Stillwater Dwellings Partners with Room & Board


Recently Stillwater Dwellings architects worked with Room & Board designers to develop furniture plans for two popular floor plans. We’re excited with the results.

Room & Board’s line of furnishings focuses on providing the best of modern design and American craftsmanship. Their designs utilize natural materials, (wood, steel and granite) that stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically—and are sourced responsibly. Plus, more than 90% of their products are American made.

Like Stillwater Dwellings, Room & Board is a privately held company, focused on what’s best for their customers—not their shareholders. Founded in 1980 in Minneapolis, R&B now has 14 showrooms throughout the U.S. and a comprehensive website.

See the results of our collaboration on Stillwater Dwellings plans sd121 and sd161. Please click on the links above the plan.