Stillwater Newsletter – April 2014


Harmonizing Your Home’s Design and Building Site

If you’re like most people you’re considering a custom home because you want more control over the design of your floor plan and the look and feel of your house. You also want your home’s design takes full advantage of the topography of your building site, the geographic orientation of your lot, and the characteristics of your local environment.
In a northern climates, orienting your home to take advantage of the lower winter arc of the sun can dramatically brighten your home in the colder winter months. When building in an exposed Southwestern U.S. location, the orientation of your home and the sun, takes on an entirely different context.
During the Stillwater Dwellings design process an architect visits your building site, and develops a detailed site plan. The architect fine tunes your home plans to take advantage of your sites physical attributes, seasonal variations and wind and weather patterns. Every Stillwater Dwellings prefabricated home is customized to meet your personal needs and to fit your building site and micro- climate.
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