Stillwater Newsletter – April 2017

Stillwater plan sd 153, highlighting contemporary butterfly roof and spine and wings design.

Signature Butterfly Roof Design

The contemporary Stillwater Dwellings design has its roots in the post World War II architectural movement now known as “mid-century modern.” Mid-century modern architecture, defined by the generous use of glass and the dramatic butterfly roof, continues to influence contemporary design to this day.

Stillwater redefined the butterfly roof by integrating a “spine and wing” building configuration allowing for expansive walls of glass, tall ceilings and dramatic geometric forms. The spine and wings configuration concentrates most of the circulation areas in the “spine” while the entertainment and private areas take advantage of space generated by the soaring “wings”. Stillwater co-CEO Kaveh Khatibloo summed up the benefits, “The Stillwater system allows for great flexibility in floor plans without the complexities of the traditional gable or hip roof configurations. We’ve also eliminated the internal raingutter system that posed a problem in early butterfly roof designs.”

Originally conceived in 1930, by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, butterfly roofs have stood the test of time. Their beauty and simplicity matched with Stillwater’s “spine and wings” generates the best in contemporary home design and fabrication.

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Stillwater has introduced a new interactive project map highlighting the growing footprint of Stillwater Dwellings along with location, model number, project status and photos.

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