Stillwater Newsletter – April-May 2013

It’s All About Design and Function

Matthew StannardArchitect Matthew Stannard, the CEO and a founder of Stillwater, has spent much of his professional life developing contemporary custom homes for upscale clients– in his birthplace of Wellington, New Zealand, and in Seattle where he spent fourteen years as a senior associate with Olson Sundbert Kundig & Allen. In that time he came to realize that thoughtful design, careful selection of finish materials and fanatical attention to efficiency can make owning a premium contemporary home a reality for many more people.
On Types of Architects
I tend to think of myself as a product designer rather than as architect “sculpting” one-of-a-kind  custom homes.  A  home that works for its owners  requires the right mix of  aesthetics and function.  A product designer pays equal attention to both.  A home should be livable and beautiful—there is no need to compromise.”  
On Founding Stillwater Dwellings
“Today’s custom building industry is extremely fragmented and terribly inefficient.   Custom homes are more complex  with higher end finishes and challenging budgets.  However the process of sourcing materials and construction methods have changed very little in the last fifty years.   I saw firsthand the inefficiencies that come from constructing a complex structure, piece by piece at a challenging site, with weather related delays and numerous on-site changes.  There is a better way. 
 At Stillwater we’re able to oversee the design and construction process from first conversation to move-in day.  Our clients pick from more than 20  floor plans,  choose a finish package and then modify it to fit their needs.  They select the accessories and we build the home in a tightly controlled environment to meet their specifications.  Construction timelines are not affected by weather delays, subcontractors schedules, or last minute changes.  It’s all highly efficient—and very rewarding.” 
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Online Resources

Below is a list of helpful planning sites. –  Game changing site that makes gathering ideas from  web sources easy.  Its a great tool for saving examples of design elements, furnishing, window coverings and everything else that goes into a new home. – Similar to Pintrist but focused only on house design and decorating.  An excellent place to gather ideas and review supplier catalogs –  For those interested in home design from an international perspective.