Stillwater Newsletter – August 2016

Complimentary Sliding Glass Door Upgrade

Sliding Glass Door Upgrade Offer Extended!

We’re pleased to announce that Stillwater’s complimentary window wall upgrade promotion has been extended. All new Stillwater Dwellings orders received by September 15, 2016 will qualify for a no-cost upgrade to a Western Window Systems 20′ or 24′ wide multi-slide door. This state of the art door system features unobstructed glass panels that stack or slide into pockets to provide an expansive blend of indoor and outdoor living.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Western Window Systems, a leader in contemporary sliding wall design, to make this special upgrade offer. Their singular attention to detail and quality make them a good fit for Stillwater Dwellings and our very discerning clients,” said John Morgan, Stillwater COO.

To take advantage of this offer, and save up to $10,000, give us a call today. A Phase One agreement must be entered into by September 15, 2016 to qualify. More information on the Sliding Glass Door upgrade offer.

Please give us a call to start the conversation. 800-691-7302

A Remarkable Building Material

newsletter-aug-2016As an architect, I could specify a wide variety of contemporary building materials. But only one is totally sustainable, never rusts, is flexible enough to shift as structures settle, does not expand and contract with the seasons, is energy efficient, is both a structural and finishing material, is easy to work with and repair, and is totally recyclable. Of course I’m talking about wood.

It’s almost a magical material. Trees take energy from the sun, and carbon dioxide from the air and converts them into a totally natural, renewable and recyclable product that continues to evolve.

Matthew Stannard, Founder and CEO Stillwater Dwellings

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