Stillwater Newsletter – February 2015


Flexible Building Systems

Although there are Stillwater Dwellings plans with up to 3000 square feet of living area,  a growing number of clients are looking to build even larger homes–up to 5,000 sq.ft or more.   Our flexible systems provide many options for this trend toward larger custom homes. 
One of the benefits of the Stillwater building system is that it can be adapted for homes of just about any size without getting into the excessive costs of one-off contractor built custom homes.  The same design templates and details used in our 2325 sq. ft. sd133 can be used in the 5,000 square foot custom plan shown in the renderings above. Structured design systems and uniform construction details are some of the many tools Stillwater uses to make contemporary homes available to a wide range of tastes and budgets.   
As always, we would like to hear about your home ideas –  big or small.  
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Building on a Legacy

6335b68c-5236-43dd-833a-8ce1895cb126Art is influenced by what came before, as each generation builds on the last. Today’s modern residential architecture can be traced to visionaries such as Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius. Their clean uncluttered designs, generous use of glass, and blending of inside and outside spaces heavily influence today’s modern architecture.
It’s interesting to see the impact of these masters on mid century modern design and on today’s contemporary homes.
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Matthew Stannard, CEO and Founder
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