Stillwater Newsletter – June 2017

Stillwater LEED accredited architects utilize state-of-the-art design systems.

Incorporating the Latest in Design, Building and Environmental Technology

Stillwater Dwellings has built its reputation on cutting edge contemporary design tailored to fit your site and individual style. The flexibility of sophisticated tools, like Building Information Modeling (BMI) and Parametric Engineering Technology, have helped make it possible. This state-of-the-art software uses three-dimensional modeling to produce the most efficient design and fabrication possible while simultaneously managing the client review process.

Not only does this technology provide design flexibility, but also allows for superior efficiency every step of the way. Computer technology, however, is just one of the many elements that goes into making Stillwater homes efficient and sustainable:

  • Stillwater’s prefabricated components are manufactured in a climate controlled environment to meet demanding specifications and quality requirements.
  • The controlled environment allows more efficient utilization of materials while greatly reducing waste.
  • Stillwater homes are sealed by an exterior “envelope,” comprised of framing, spray foam insulation, plywood, building wrap, rain screen and siding.
  • The multi-layered wall creates a tight energy efficient shell. Exterior walls meet a stringent     R-28 energy efficiency rating and roofs are R-50!
  • The panelized, prefabricated construction system allows for quicker on-site assembly, better construction accuracy and fewer costly subcontractors.

The goal of Stillwater is to provide you the best in contemporary design, using energy efficient, sustainable techniques and materials.

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Stillwater Opens New Offices

Stillwater recently moved into greatly expanded space to keep up with current and future growth. John Morgan Co-CEO of Stillwater stated, “We’ve experienced a significant increase in our order backlog, which means greater demand on our architects, production and customer service staff. Our new offices have triple the space and provide a bright, open working environment for our team members, plus room for expansion—all in the heart of downtown Seattle.”

The next time you’re in Seattle drop by and say hello. We’re located at 2111 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

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