Stillwater Newsletter – November 2014

Kitchens are Holiday Hubs

Less than 50 years ago North American homes had small kitchens, formal dining rooms and living rooms, and no family room. How things have changed! Many contemporary designers have eliminated the formal dining areas, scaled down or done away with living rooms, and opened the kitchen and family room into a blended “great room”.
This design trend bows to reality—everyone congregates in the kitchen. It’s the first stop for kids coming home from school, friends dropping by for coffee, and family members in town for the holidays. The kitchen is not just a place to cook, it’s the heart of today’s home.
The photo above shows a Stillwater sd133 with a blended kitchen / dinning / family room which opens through 9′ tall sliding doors to a beautiful deck for outdoor entertaining.
What is your ideal kitchen? Stillwater Dwellings would like to help build your home around it.
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Napa HouseHoliday Research

As you think about your ideal home design, use the holiday season as a research lab. Observe how your family uses your current home and think about what works and what doesn’t work for family gatherings. What are the most popular spaces, and conversely what areas are rarely used? Take notes and ask opinions.
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