Stillwater Newsletter – November 2015


Understanding Building Regulations—a Good Idea

Nearly every building site faces some sort of regulatory hurdle. Often it’s just a matter of understanding the rules and adapting the home design to fit both the site and the regulations. However, knowing the most common types of regulatory restrictions is always a good idea.

Common Zoning Regulations:

  • Setback requirements: how far from the front, side and rear lots can the home be built.
  • Lot coverage restrictions: how much of the site area can be covered with the structure and with impervious (e.g. asphalt drive, tennis courts) surfaces.
  • House size limitations: some local zoning restrictions limit the size of houses or the height of houses.
  • Utility restrictions: if your site will require a septic system or a well, several regulations may apply.
  • Wetlands designations: some sites contain wetlands or are near enough to wetlands to affect the site.
  • Coastal Regulations: building near the ocean can involve special permits.
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More about regulations

Every Stillwater home comes with personalized support to help you navigate the unique requirements for your building site. Our professional architects and project managers have years of experience working with municipalities and building departments. We look forward to helping you with your project.

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Introducing a New Addition to Our Team

3f8de79f-9ff5-4350-b715-519ecb9d264dStillwater is pleased to announce that Camian Larson has joined our team as Sales Manager for Oregon and Washington. Camian brings a wealth of experience to her new position. In her 16 years in the custom home world she has done everything from project management to general contracting.

Camian is excited about the opportunity to guide Stillwater clients through the design and building process, and ultimately, to the completion of their new home.

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