Stillwater Newsletter – October 2014


Colorado Contemporary

We recently received an email from a client building a Stillwater Dwellings home in the community of Cedaredge, Colorado. Their home, a model sd121 takes advantage of a beautiful view of the surrounding valley and the San Juan Mountains beyond.   
The homeowners, Vicky and Richard Nunamaker, chose Stillwater after an exhaustive search of local builders and prefab providers.  Ultimately their choice came down to the design that best fit their tastes and building site.

Recently Richard Nunamaker shared a great story, “Vicky had foot surgery 5 weeks ago and is still recovering.  About five days ago she wanted to see the progress on the house so I took her out there along with our daughter, Rachel.  Vicky went through the main entry door and eventually made it out to the living room. When she stood in front of the vast opening that looks out to the San Juan Mountains she began to cry…..not just light sobbing, but really crying.  When Rachel asked what was wrong she said “I just can’t believe how unbelievably beautiful all this is!  It’s a dream come true!”. 
The Nunamakers are the reason Stillwater Dwellings was founded–to give more people the ability to experience the joys of contemporary design.
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A Remarkable Building Material

As an architect, I could specify a wide variety of contemporary building materials in my homes.  But only one is totally sustainable, never rusts,  is flexible enough to shift as structures settle,  does not expand and contract with the seasons,  is energy efficient,  is both a structural and finishing material, is easy to work with and repair, and is totally recyclable.  Of course I’m talking about wood.

It’s almost a magical material.  Trees takes energy from the sun, and carbon dioxide from the air and converts them into a totally natural, renewable and recyclable product.  Wood building materials continue to evolve.

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