Stillwater Newsletter – September 2014


Concept Homes

Looking ahead.

Automotive designers push the limits when developing their vision of the future. Maybe you’ve been to an auto show and seen “concept cars” in person. Although the designs are often radical, and years ahead of their time, elements introduced in concept cars are often incorporated in future production models.
At Stillwater Dwellings our architects are encouraged to explore the future of contemporary prefab homes. (See the concept home above.) As with automotive design, many of the ideas they envision (often at the encouragement of our very creative clients) end up in new Stillwater Dwellings’ plans.
Tell us about your future home ideas. We would love to help you realize them in your own custom Stillwater Dwellings prefabricated home.
Regards, Kaveh Khatibloo, Stillwater Dwellings LLC
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Building in 2015?

Napa HouseBy home building standards, 2015 is almost here. Stillwater Dwellings prefabricated systems and structured design development speed up the building process.  Let’s talk about your plans. 
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