Taxidermy, Cold Beer and Flat Screen TV

I don’t enter the arena of whether man caves are good, bad or ugly. But hey, if it gets that humongous TV out of the living room, everybody’s a winner. Via Man of the House:


A Man’s Sanctuary – Man Caves
“You may cut the grass, fix a leaking faucet and have the latest tools in your garage but judging from your bedroom décor, you may be taken as a dainty young girl.
Are your bedroom walls covered in various shades of fuchsia?  Is your bed covered with countless throw pillows that nearly suffocate you when you sleep?  Does your living room resemble more of a playground than a relaxing oasis?  If so, building a man cave may be just the escape you are looking for. Jason Cameron, a licensed general contractor and host of DIY Network’s Man Caves may be the best person to fix this problem and turn your flowery abode into a manly haven.
Man Caves may sound like a show for the modern-day cave man, but in reality it’s a TV series that provides men, especially fathers, with an exclusive place to be at peace and completely escape from the regular chaos at home. This show picks a few lucky men out of a pool of applicants and rocks their world by building the ultimate man cave fully equipped with flat screens and sports memorabilia.”
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