Taking the guesswork out of engineering and permitting your home

The structural engineering principles behind Stillwater homes allows our clients to enjoy expansive walls of glass without the need for costly steel components.

In this third installment of our four-part series on building your home with Stillwater Dwellings, we will touch on the comprehensive engineering and permitting services provided by Stillwater. From analyzing topography to presenting to architectural review boards, we’re there for you.


All Stillwater homes are pre-engineered to satisfy the most stringent structural requirements. On the West Coast, for example, stricter seismic and energy building codes have been enacted, and Stillwater homes exceed all of these requirements. Stillwater also handles much of the home’s engineering in-house, including structural and foundation design as well as working closely with civil and geotechnical engineers. Whether your site is in a flood plain or on a steep slope, we can help.


Permitting can be complex, and varies widely by jurisdiction. Stillwater’s cadre of in-house architects and design professionals are well-versed in many of these unique requirements. Unlike typical architectural or design/build firms, Stillwater manages the entire permitting process for you and leverages the valuable relationships we’ve built with a variety of professionals, including expeditors and reviewers. We also work closely with consultants that may be required to secure a planning or building permit, including surveyors, septic designers, and arborists.

What engineering or permitting challenges have you faced when building a new home? We want to hear from you!
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Can that butterfly roof really handle snow accumulation?

Yes! Our designs have been modified to comply with high ground snow level requirements. We’ve built homes in heavy snow zones, including Colorado and Eastern Washington. Tell us about your property, and we’re happy to provide feasibility feedback for a Stillwater home.