The Stillwater Process

Stillwater Dwellings™ has developed a highly efficient three phase design and construction system. Our team of professional architects and production managers personally guide you through the straightforward process.

Phase One

Design & Pricing
You work closely with a team of Stillwater architects and project managers to select and develop a plan best suited for your site, budget and wish list. After a comprehensive visit by a Stillwater Project Manager, Stillwater conducts an analysis of zoning and building permit requirements and helps site the home on your property. Our architects then develop complete plans incorporating necessary modifications along with a comprehensive specification document detailing materials, options and finishes. Upon completion of the documentation, Stillwater produces a fixed price for the components provided by Stillwater Dwellings and a cost estimate for all elements of the project provided by others.

Phase Two

Engineering & Permitting
Upon formalization of a Home Purchase Agreement, based on the final fixed pricing established in phase one, the final design, engineering and permitting begins. Stillwater architects develop final detailed floor plans and oversee the production of engineering and permit drawings. Project managers work with your local building department and agencies to apply for customary permits. The building contractor will use the final engineering drawings to refine many of the on-site related costs.

Phase Three

Fabrication & Construction
Your home will begin production at a climate controlled manufacturing facility. The Stillwater team will work closely with the local contractor to finalize all related costs and the contractor will schedule the site work and begin work on the foundation, driveway, and utility hookups. Fabricated components will be shipped to the site, and installed according to the plans.
Please contact a Stillwater professional for more information.